PALEO WEEKEND AWAY AT LAGOONS @ 1770 17th November 2016


Have you ever tried putting a holiday package together for a large group of friends before and succeeded? It is no easy task. The organising that goes into something like this is absolute madness. Putting rooms together, taking deposits, dealing with cancellations and room changes, putting menus together and basically creating something out of nothing. It takes a whole team of people for it to work and not fall apart.

Imagine if you organised something like this for a complete group of strangers who put their trust in you with money and organisational skills. Impossible right? Wrong. That's exactly what I pulled off and on the 4th of November 2016, 20 strangers traveled from around Australia (one even from New Zealand) to meet in one beautiful and secluded piece of paradise called Lagoons @ 1770 and I must say it was a great success.

Many of us flew up there but several of us also road tripped it from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and even the Sunshine Coast. Note to self, a 7 hour drive is not an easy thing to accomplish but we did it both ways in one go. However, it is much more difficult on the way home when nursing three days of hangovers. Paleo weekend? Weren't we suppose to be healthy and only eat and drink goodness? But where is the fun in that. We all need to enjoy ourselves at every chance we get.

It began with my friend Rachel and myself leaving at 5am, although we shouldn't have bothered starting so early because we missed the Sunshine Coast turn off due to needing a big coffee hit first and were too busy chatting away our excitement. This in turn, caused us to have to drive through Brisbane's rush hour traffic and 1.5 hours later, we were still in Brisbane.

It didn't matter as our spirits were lifted once text messages and posts of people on the road started to flood our little group which showed everyone's excitement. In that moment I couldn't believe that most of us had never met before and already felt like I had known these people my whole life.

Rachel and I were ahead of everyone because we had to collect another friend of ours from Bundaberg airport who had to leave later so flew to Bundi where we picked her up at 11:30am. Our trio was complete and it was time to meet some of the crew at a lovely little Paleo friendly cafe up there called Nourish.

Here we met up with Sue, Gloria and Jess and ate the most amazing food there which kick started our paleo weekend, although I should maybe call it Partio weekend instead.

I must say the food at this little cafe was fantastic and well worth the stop.

After lunch the road trip continued and we were Anges and 1770 bound which was now only 1.5 hours away.

We arrived around 3pm in Agnes Waters and it was on. The wonderful staff at the resort had everything ready for us and we checked into our rooms and opened our first bottle of wine and got into the pool with our plastic cups. Yes Simon, we remembered to be good girls.

I checked on the function room after our swim, which was all decked out and ready for our amazing three course paleo dinner that was to start at 7pm, although I think everyone was ready to crack the champers so we all met for pre-dinner drinks by the pool where we ended up meeting and mingling in our black tie gear and were the conservative adults that we needed to be. "Hold your horses everyone, I promise there is a lot coming where the conservative goes out the window and we all become a wild bunch of party animals."

Dinner was a real success and hats off to our fantastic chef Bryce who created some magical paleo dishes for us all. So what did we all have that evening for our paleo dinner? Only the best which could be provided for the season including entrees of scallops, dried meats and asparagus, mains of duck, fish and vegetable curry, as well as a beautiful dessert combination of french pettit fours.

Everyone enjoyed their meals and more alcohol was consumed, and some of the couples who came probably even got lucky that night because without mentioning names, one partner in particular comes to mind who joyously announced that he was going to get lucky that night.

We ended dinner around 11pm and everyone retired for the evening to prepare for our Saturday adventures, although everyone seemed to keep going in their rooms in some way or another because the party had only just begun and we were all on a high from such a successful dinner. I especially, because that was the moment I thought; I actually pulled this crazy weekend off.

Saturday morning began with many hitting the beautiful lagoon pool and popping the cocktails out before 10am, and while Rachel and I enjoyed an amazing Spa experience, everyone was already into it. Once we returned, we thought that if you can't beat them, join them, and cocktails in the pool went down very nicely indeed. What a great way to prepare for Saturday night's shenanigans at the local Agnes Waters Tavern that was yet to come.

Since many of us were already half past a freckle by evening, we decided to go and watch the sunset by the water, and I must say that it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever experienced with an incredible group of people. I still have no idea how I managed to take such good photos since I was already tipsy but somehow I managed it, and even managed to lose my lens cap which Sarah found for me. "Sarah you're my hero girlfriend."

After that it was time for the Tavern for dinner with Allyson, Jennie, Sarah and John, Zu and Janet, Dee, Rachel and myself. We missed the rest of them as they left early. I of course showed my true colours that night and partied the night away with the people who stayed with Rachel and I. "Yeah you know who you are Rachel, Dee and Jennie hehehe." My party girl partners in crime. We even caught up with some of the staff from the resort that night who I managed to drag on the dance floor as well. "Yes, Sarka loves to dance I know I know, since the whole of 1770 told me in the morning." But what a night it was. Rachel, Kate and I even took a 4am spa swim where your's truly fell into the pool trying to get over there. Thank you Simon for not installing any cameras at the resort or I would have been super embarrassed the next morning.

Sunday morning and cook off day arrived and I think the entire resort had a shocking hangover, or was it just me? Oh boy what a hangover we had and the thought of cooking was beyond our comprehension. Yet somehow we all managed it. Kate, Rachel and myself spent two hours trying to buy our ingredients and everyone at the store was laughing at us because we looked like Tom, Dick and Harry trying to find our way around a pac man game, while looking lost as our brains were not catching up with us. So much for a healthy Paleo weekend but we all had a blast and was worth the morning after. You only live once. The dishes were incredible from everyone and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came and made the weekend such an incredible journey. Here's to the 2018 trip which I plan to begin organising soon. Enjoy the photos everyone and sorry this post is so late.

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