It's been months since I posted any of my Paleo recipes on here but after being inspired by a chef from his restaurant this week with his signature dish, I had to create this recipe. Being a busy mum, you sometimes just cook and can't be bothered with the work to write it all up. Am happy to say that this is one of my best creations so far and it has inspired me to work on my recipes again. This is an experimental dish that has worked out incredibly well.

A few days ago I went out to lunch with a good friend of mine and ordered a Seafood Chilli Hotpot because I wanted to give it a try. It was incredible and very very spicy. My eyes were teary and my throat was burning. Luckily I love spicy food, so it was perfect for me. I wanted to work out my own version of this dish by experimenting with different spices, seafood and ingredients, so last night I created this dish. I have to say that I am more than ecstatic with my own Paleo creation of it and wanted to share the dish with you all.

Being an Australian, my love of seafood has grown from an early age and whenever I eat at restaurants it's always seafood that I order. We are very lucky to have trawlers who bring fresh seafood to our bays daily. I hope that where ever you all are, you can get your hands on some fresh produce and enjoy it in this dish.

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-250grams of fresh fish

-250grams of peeled prawns

-250grams of fresh muscles

-250grams of calamari

-500grams of additional tiger or banana prawns with tails

- 2 cans of Roma tomatoes

-400mls of water

-1 glass of organic white wine (optional) otherwise use a cup of home made broth

-1 large onion sliced longways

-6 cloves of garlic

-teaspoon of ginger

-coconut oil for cooking



-6 standard chillies chopped

-tablespoon of tomato paste

-bunch of spring onions chopped

-bag of fresh spinach

-1 bunch of fresh basil leaves

-I punnet of cherry tomatoes cut in half

-juice of 1 lime

-parmesan cheese which is optional


*prepare your seafood so you're ready to throw it in as required. Peel, chop etc, remembering to keep the tail on the larger prawns you use for additional flavour for the broth. Tails can be slipped off as you eat the meal. It is optional if you want to keep your muscles in their shell also as it looks more attractive in the dish and gives off more flavour to the broth, but I take mine off as it becomes messy when eating. The tails on the prawns are enough for me.

*In a large pot, use a tablespoon of coconut oil to caramelise your onion, garlic, ginger and chopped chillies until you get the following consistency.

*once you reach this desired look, pour in your glass of wine or broth and bring to a boil and let the wine reduce a little.

*once that's been done, add your canned tomatoes, spices, tomato paste and chopped spring onions, stir and simmer for for a few minutes.

*add your fish first for 1 minute, then add the prawns and muscles for another minute, then the calamari last and simmer for two minutes, before adding your basil and spinach leaves. Finally, add the juice of one lime, your chopped cherry tomatoes and stir the pot well.

*Simmer the hotpot, stirring as you go for about five minutes. Here you can add some chilli powder to make it hotter if desired, but I would taste it and make sure it's not already spicy enough. You also have an option to sprinkle some parmesan cheese into it for additional flavour but not required, as well as adding some to the top of your dish once served. I love my parmesan so as you can see, I add a little to mine.


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