Do you ever get bored with breakfast on the paleo diet? Get stuck with what to make every morning so that you don't cheat? I know I do. Many times I just go for two boiled eggs because it's simple and because I love eggs. I probably eat around 10-15 eggs each week. Protein is a large part of my diet because I train at gym at least three times a week.

As soon as I get slack and settle for a quick banana, I feel it at training and don't have a very good work out. I created this recipe because I saw something similar done before but the recipe I tried was too boring for me. I usually need more of a colourful pallet to go by, so it's why I worked this recipe and made it my own to do that.

I actually made this for breakfast yesterday so decided to take photos along the way to share my recipe. My avocado needed to be eaten that day, otherwise one more day and it would have been ready for the garbage bin. It doesn't matter with this recipe if your avocados are barely ripe or overripe because you get a different food sensation with both, so try it both ways.

I would definitely recommend my home made chili conserve for this one, or at least a paleo friendly chili relish of some sort. You can find my recipe here

Happy eating!!!

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-1 avocado

-2 eggs

-chopped bacon (leave out for vegetarians)

-chili conserve

-savoury yeast flakes or baker's yeast

-hymalayan salt

-cracked pepper


* slice your avocado in equal halves, remove the seed and scoop about a spoonful of the middle of the avocado out on both halves which you can use for something else

*mix the chopped bacon, chili conserve and about a tablespoon of bakers yeast in a bowl before adding a tablespoon in each of the avocado halves (for vegetarians, leave the bacon out and even consider something else like pineapple bits for something different

*crack an egg on top of both halves and balance them on an oven safe plate so that the eggs remain on top. It doesn't matter if the whites leak a little

*sprinkle with pepper, salt and some more savoury yeast flakes

*put in the oven for about 20 mins on 175 degrees Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit

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