PALEO CHILI CONSERVE - vegan and vegetarian friendly


One staple food that I cannot live without is my chili conserve. Besides the fact that I love spicy foods, this conserve is more than just that. I use it to substitute sauces with and as you will see in many of my recipe photos, I can't live without it. I put it on basically everything. This recipe is my lifesaver in many ways.

A lot of people can't live without tomato sauce and unless you make it from scratch, the store bought sauce is really nasty stuff for our digestive system. I like to make my own marinara sauce as well but I always have my chili conserve in the fridge on hand because it lasts for months, so it's easier for me to top my food with this than anything else.

In a way this conserve is like fermenting food and has a six month fridge lifespan, so I always make a few jars of it and it keeps me happy for months. It's up to you how spicy you want it depending on what chillies you want to use.

I use mostly birds eye chillies or even just the simple chillies shown in the photo above for a milder consistency and burn. Either way, this recipe rocks and I'm very lucky to have wonderful Sri Lankan friends who have taught me a lot about curry, chili and all things spicy.

This conserve is also a great way to make your curry hotter after you have fed the family who may not like it as hot as you do.

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-olive oil

-2 bags of fresh chillies of your choice

-several cloves of garlic

-balsamic or apple cider vinegar

-himalayan salt

-cracked pepper


*in sections, chop the chillies in half and add to a blender together with a good dash of olive oil, crushed garlic, salt and pepper and vinegar and blend together

*empty into a bowl and repeat this process until all the chilis are blended together and in the bowl

*combine all the chili conserve in the bowl before bottling it into masonry jars

*seal and store in refrigerator for several months, adding it to your food when desired

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