245 Years in the making - Lagoons at 1770

A few years ago, I was asked to write a case study for Nobel House Designs. They had recently furbished a beautiful new resort up near Agnes Waters and the Great Barrier Reef called Lagoons at 1770 here in Australia. I wasn't going to complain because my job entailed me to spend the weekend at this incredible resort so that I could do the case study on it.

It was a beautiful weekend full of sunshine and a calm atmosphere. It was the launch of the resort so I got private acceess to everything and I met the owners for interviews, dined in their five star restaurant and photographed the place for a 2.5 page spread in Accom magazine. I could definitely handle doing lifestyle articles consistently but for a freelance journalist, it doesn't work that way unfortunately so I enjoy these jobs as they come and go.

I thought I'd share the article here. Check out the link below and read pages 38 - 40 of the Autumn 2015 issue.

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