About Me

I'm a freelance journalist, creative writer and photographer with a passion for the Paleo diet. I hope you enjoy my blogs.

Who am I?

I sometimes wonder myself. A passionate advocate for news, ethics and life. None of us truly know who we are, yet we spend our entire lives trying to find out. The terminology; or saying 'I'm just a girl' comes into mind but I can't really call myself a girl anymore.  More like a mature aged woman trying to find her niche in life after being a mum for so long and rebuilding my way back to the great woman I once was. Someone who wants to explore the world again as I begin my 40s. All things aside, I'm an Arts University Excellence Graduate with a lot to say, a lot to read and a lot to share. So read my stuff, or don't.  It's a good venting outlet having my own blog either way. Note to self and others: "Next time, choose something simpler than a university degree in your mid 3o's, but than again, what's stopping you." 

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